Shipment Policy

    1. Pickup of the purchased Work is possible in person after paying the full Price on a date individually agreed with the Buyer at the premises or warehouse of the Gallery. The Gallery will make every effort to ensure that the Work is ready for collection no later than 7 days from the payment of the Price.
    2. Przed wydaniem Dzieła Kupującemu lub jego przedstawicielowi, Galeria jest uprawniona do sprawdzenia tożsamości poprzez przedstawienie dowodu potwierdzającego jego tożsamość. Osoba inna niż Kupujący dodatkowo powinna posiadać pisemne upoważnienie do odbioru od Kupującego.
    3. Before delivering the Work to the Buyer or his representative, the Gallery is entitled to verify the identity by presenting a proof of his identity. A person other than the Buyer should additionally have a written authorization to collect it from the Buyer.
    4. At the express request of the Buyer, the Gallery will provide the Work to the carrier selected by him. Any such entrustment is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Gallery is not responsible for improper performance of the service by the carrier or other third parties. The carrier should contact the Gallery by phone at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup.
    5. The Buyer is obliged to collect the purchased Work within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Order Acceptance. After this date, the Gallery may send the purchased Work to an external warehouse (deposit), at the expense and risk of the Buyer. The amount of fees will depend on the warehouse operator and the type and size of the Work.
    6. In the case of Works, for which the law requires additional permits to export outside the country, in particular paintings older than 50 years with a value of more than PLN 40,000, the Buyer intending to export is obliged to comply with the provisions in this regard, and the inability to obtain the relevant documents or the delay in obtaining them does not justify the withdrawal from the sale or the delay in paying the full purchase price of the Work.