Art73 Gallery

It is an artistic space located in the backyard at 11 Listopada 22 Street in Warsaw. For years, a space that has given artists the opportunity to express their own point of view on the reality around us.

Until 2011, the premises no. 7 in question housed the legendary Saturator club. This place was more than a club, it was a real saturation. Sound saturation, image saturation, color saturation, diversity saturation. Saturation with an individual vision of the world not only of the artists who create it, but also of all guests visiting the club. It was primarily a magical meeting place for intelligent, creative people who saw the value of play. Playing through self-expression, through creativity, but also through meeting and conversation. A place that saturates ideas, a place that stimulates thinking.

After closing, the place fell into disrepair over the years until 2017. It was then, during a hot June evening, three young, anonymous artists, drinking chilled Perła beer in the neighboring Chmury club, decided to put place 7 on their feet. Despite adversities, they stubbornly cleaned, renovated and built a space called the Level Place from scratch. Working in the Horizontal, they put themselves in a vertical position. But at the same time, by doing something for themselves, they were doing much more for others. At the very beginning of the work, they met a concerned artist from the yard, who, apart from presenting them with a short history of this place, said: “It's nice that you guys are there. This yard is dead. Maybe something will start happening again here. This thought gave the anonymous target. The goal, which was achieved in 2019, when the renovation works were completed. Artists began to return to the premises, people began to return, and life with them.

A global pandemic stopped the activity of the place less than a year after its launch. With the support of the neighbors, local authorities and the yard's regulars, premises no. 7 continued to operate as the temporary seat of the Heart of the City foundation. During this difficult time for all, he continued to fill with hope, love and faith in all downcast hearts. They proved that this place is primarily people. People sharing basic necessities, street workers sharing a word of support, Buddhists and Warsaw restaurateurs sharing food, neighbors sharing their belongings in charity garages, adult children from the yard sharing a smile, fun and hope for the future.

Despite the difficulties encountered, we are still going on. Now, as Galeria Art73, placed horizontally and vertically, we return to the source, i.e. to saturation. To the source that is, to create. To the source it means to share. To the source that is, to life. Because to live means to share. Because life is a continuous process of creation. Creation through painting, photography, music, performance, action and word. Create by mixing all means of expression. Create by showing and confusing your mind. In this unique place, a place in the backyard of independence, I create me, you create, we create. We all create through article 73, through the overriding article of the constitution. We create because we are independent, we create because we are free. Freedom is creating. Freedom is you and me. Freedom is us.


Adam “Tet” Byra

Born in 1986 in Oświęcim. He grew up on the post-war ruins of the Głogów fortress in Lower Silesia, and began his adult life in Nottingham, Great Britain. Raised on the Internet, a lover of life and new technologies. Photographer, interdisciplinary artist, art theorist. A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, the University of Westminster in London and the Warsaw University of Technology. In his works, he combines the past with the future, creating the present.

Emilia “Emka” Warcholak

Born in 1992 in Warsaw. The seventh water after jelly by Andrzej Warchoł. Natural Artists Account Manager. Brought up by the street, for many years associated with the Warsaw club environment, organizer of cultural and musical events, social activist. Promoter of off art, good aunt of LGBT circles, lover of color and smile. The epitome of the city's emotions.