Art73 Summer Gallery "Niespiesznie" - a space for reflection

Żubryn is a place with a family history for generations. My grandparents ran a farm here, and we used to come back for many years to "recharge the corpo-batteries". We discovered places, listened to history, and local culture and its diversity absorbed us more and more. The "Niespiesznie" formula was created slowly, along with the change of our lifestyle.

"Niespiesznie" is an unusual "Meeting with Climate". We focus on:


It is our summer springboard from "big-city" activities. In the summer formula, we organize vernissages, meetings with music and art. We promote and support numerous cultural and artistic initiatives in the region. We promote its historical multiculturalism. After the season, we run the Art73 Art Gallery in the heart of Warsaw, we are co-organizers of the Podcast "Art Through Life" and other artistic and social events.


We are regional eco-activists. We were the initiators of the regional climate strike which, year by year, is gaining new eco-enthusiasts. We are Ambassadors of the international action "Planet Heroes" and we cooperate with


Which we were delighted with at the beginning of our adventure in the region. "Nature helps to expand awareness." The surrounding nature stimulates not only our imagination, the pictures for "Pan Tadeusz" by A. Wajda and "Dolina Issa" by Konwicki were shot here, it can be raw, primal and is not massively exploited for tourists.