With art through life no. 3 - Interview with PRAKTIS (Przemysław Sieńko) & AYON (Damian Kozłowski)

„With art through life" is a project realized at District Hall Warsaw in cooperation with Art 73. In the third meeting of this series, our guests were Praktis and Ayon.

Przemysław PRAKTIS Sieńko deals with drawing, illustration, painting and street art. He developed his workshop for many years, independently learning various techniques and taking up many topics. In 2016, he attended drawing with Grzegorz Radziewicz, and in 2017 he completed an internship at the CHAPITO art school in Lisbon. His original works are a combination of abstraction, futurism, comics, and sometimes realism. His inspiration is mostly human faces, which he illustrates with fineliners, markers, paints, ink, etc. The choice of colors in his works is characteristic and specific to the artist. The artist's output includes 4 rap music albums, dozens of featuring, he was also a member of the Białystok band ALU BAMBU PIKCZU.

Ayon, or Damian Kozłowski has been involved in music production since 2007. He has nearly 100 produced numbers on 20 albums, which in total have over 29 million views on YouTube. The album "Bard" by the rapper Lukasyno was a breakthrough disc in Ayon's musical path, which included more than half of his beats. The album was awarded the Gold Record status, which initiated a longer cooperation on subsequent albums. In 2019, the album Nautilus "Azymut" was released, which he co-creates with Lukasyno, Peres and Marek Kubik. On Ayon productions we can hear: Lukasyno, Peja, Kali, Bilon, Siwers, Ero, Praktis, Dixon37, Nizioł, Sobota and many other rappers. The greatest advantage of its production is its versatility, free mixing of various genres with each other and the lack of limitations in creativity.

We invite you to watch the interview! Sebastian Piekarek leads the interview.

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