With art through life no. 1 - Interview with "Cukier" band

"With Art Through Life" is a new series of interviews with artists carried out in District Hall Warsaw in cooperation with Art 73. Our first guest was CUKIER - a Polish band performing broadly understood hip-hop and alternative music.

In the press releases we read: Sugar was created in 2019 on the initiative of Amadeusz Krebs. Initially, it was supposed to be an album to which he wanted to invite guests from various musical worlds. During studio work with Bartek Caboń, who was invited to the sessions, it quickly became clear that the project would be a duo. The gentlemen who have the opportunity to work together on a daily basis in Dawid Kwiatkowski's team decided to prepare the entire album together, combining ideas and experiences.

Musically, the album is a mixture of many genres - you will find strong, bass bangers, electronics, rap and old school beats. - There is something special about holding your own CD. At a time when everything is online, we do it with anointing and celebration. The fact that we create albums in physical form is quite old-school and has rather a collector's value - they said.

Each song is a separate story - from Dubai girls and the decadent world centered around money, through love stories and adventures, to a rhyming pastiche that is revealing consumer lifestyle. And, as the musicians said, they all really happened.

We invite you to watch the interview about music and not only with Amek and Bartek. Sebastian Piekarek leads the interview.

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